Tuesday, February 2, 2010

19th Walk - I'm Back!!

Where: Treadmill - Home
Time: 12:20
Miles: .41
Speed: 2.0-2.2

Reflection: I have been a very bad walker. I broke my commitment to myself and you my readers. My legs felt like they each weighed 500 pounds. It was hard to get to that eight minute walk last Thursday. I think I did too much. I did that Cardio Max video and walked last Tuesday. I believe that was just too much for my bones to handle. My heels still hurt but I figure I need to push through it until I can get to the doctor. I can't go back to sitting in recliner again.

Biggest Loser was on tonight! Did you watch?? John looks amazing. Purple team girl is a little helper and has such a positive attitude. What about the green team having surgery and walked 13 miles the next day!! If she can have surgery and come back and walk 13 miles I think I can walk my ten minutes or whatever it is. Haha!!

Keep walking...the pain will go away!

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